Eye Flashes & Floaters Treatment in Pomona, NY - Choi OphthalmologyFlashes and floaters are common symptoms that many patients experience in their life time.  It can often occur in the setting of age related degeneration of the jelly-like part of the back of the eye (vitreous).  Often times, this is a common and benign process.  But this symptom can also be a precursor to a potentially blinding condition, such as retinal tear leading to retinal detachment.

A sudden onset of such symptom, or a change in the frequency/intensity of such symptom may require a comprehensive eye exam.  At the time of the exam,  particular focus on the dilated exam will be placed.  If a retinal tear/detachment is detected, Dr. Tony T. Choi will assist in coordinating care with a trusted retina specialist. It is important to receive prompt treatment as significant delay in treatment can reduce the chance of successful vision preservation/restoration.

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