Glaucoma Testing and Treatment in Rockland County

Glaucoma Treatment in Pomona, NY - Choi OphthalmologyGlaucoma is a chronic and progressive eye disease of the optic nerve that leads to the loss of peripheral vision.  It is often associated with older age and found more commonly in the African-American and Southeast-Asian population.  Some other risk factors include: family history, high eye pressure, thin cornea, nearsightedness, diabetes, large optic nerve cupping.  The key to treatment lies in early detection and timely treatment.

Although there is no cure for this disease, there is a wide variety of treatment options available, including medical drops, lasers, and surgery. As a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist, Dr. Tony T Choi is well-versed in the full complement of treatment options and the most up to date techniques in treating glaucoma.  Most importantly, he has the experience and the caring touch to help patients navigate this challenging disease.

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